I was loved by the woods…

If I told you I grew up poor, you might picture Charlie living in a shack and 4 people sleeping in one bed.

That was far from the case.

Nope, I grew up in the same shit box tiny 3 bedroom 1 bath ranch style home, as everyone else of the time

(that time being the late 70s’ into the 80s)

But my home life was unlike any one else’s I knew of, with the abuse and lack of needed things for me being my secret shame.

Mostly because my mother was/is a selfish person, a person that blamed me for her own short comings, a person who hid food and went out drinking instead of keeping her home and caring for her children.

I often found myself staying in the near by woods, comforted by the trees, laying in the earth.

I felt safe there. It felt more like home than in my own bed of fear just across the street in that house.

The sun loved me as it peeked through the trees and warmed my cheeks with its kisses.

The smell of pine needles was my perfume, the rustling of the leaves in the trees all around was my music.

Today as I take much pride in cleaning my own home with the windows wide open, the fresh new Fall air blowing through. I hear my children giggling down the hall, I am glad I am a better person than my mother. I am glad they are loved. That they have all the need and most of what they want. It takes a sacrifice to live like this. To give to them before myself. it is never easy.

I still carry anger for my mother, I hate that house.

But it does not take from my life as some people tell me to let it go, I do not want to forget or forgive.

I couldn’t forget even if I tried for the breeze brings back my days of my home in the woods, among the trees.

I can be having the worst day and a walk in the woods can make it all better. I feel safe there, untouchable.

So I say maybe its magic


Ole Redd


Ole Redd is my 40 plus year old, fiber glass and wood canoe. I proudly brought home nearly 10 years ago, from the last day of a moving sale I happened to come across by chance, or maybe it was fate.

I grew up on dirt roads, barefooted, swimming in creeks and lakes that are tucked in among the Jersey Pine Barrens. To poor for cable and wtf were video games? I hadn’t a clue (I don’t think we even had a tv till in was 8 or 9?), even in the late 70s and early 80’s, of course no ac, and well its just what you did when I was a kid. Other than the drive in, the woods and creeks were the summertime thing, you asked to go, you begged!

Im 39 (just this month), incase you were wondering lol

And Ole Redd here is one of my finest treasures.

Heavy as hell he is, sun faded and wearing a small patch,

he carries my littlest son, husband and I down Cedar Creek nearly every weekend. Even in the earliest months when winter chooses to take a day off and out of no where its sunny and 70 out in March!


From time to time we have traveled other lakes and creeks, rivers and streams but Cedar Creek is “home” only minutes from our house we can jump in along the creek in various spots, and pull out in just as many different places, a trip can run 2 hours or 6 if we so choose.


Out at the Lake (Lake Oswego Penn Sate Forest NJ)

is a second favorite place we haul Ole Redd with us.


I wish everyday was a day I could go paddling.

People always tell us to get rid of the canoe for a Kayak but

Ill never be a Kayak Person, its like Apples and Oranges to me. The same but different.

And I’m set in my ways.

Rain or Shine we’ll hit the water. Its more than a hobby, its good for the soul.

The view, the smells, the sounds, renew me. They Inspire me.


I just started to make a stainless steel Charm bangle set for myself (and a few for my etsy store).

I can not wait to add this to the bunch of bangles Ive made for myself,

so many I sound like wind chimes when wearing them all!