What in the World!?

Wow, just wow. Sometimes its all I can think and say, when the whole world seems to be against you.

This has been my week. Nothing, not a thing seems to be working out.


And today is no different…WordPress for hours did not work this morning and it had become my routine to wake up, get some coffee and blog. This was followed by Etsy making useless and unnecessary changes to their site. And lets not forget a billing mistake by my gas company, which they made than followed with a threating call to me to shut me off. And we can just top that off with another stormy day, trapped in the house with 2 kids who are bored and cant get along.

Now Id like to say Thank the Stars tomorrows Friday and this week can come to an end. But I wont bother as I can see the future already, as I watch my awful next door neighbors prepare for a party. After 3 years of this bs with them I know the signs, and I can see already I will be making several calls to the police for the noise (music, people, dogs, and the occasional drunk person hitting my mailbox with their car, yes no joke).

About the only thing Im looking forward to is a 4th of July BBQ by our good friends on Saturday afternoon, if the weather could just knock it off.

Other than that Bring on Monday! I just want to start a new week!




Im Talking Tuesdays

Pub Trivia Tuesday Nights at Doyle’s Pour House Barnegat NJ


An “as often as possible” date night with my best friend. But with kids and husbands and work and life we really only get there once a month. Once a Pancake House, this place has become like home. We just fit, or at least I think we do.


My Gawd we’re awful at this trivia thing, but oh the fun. We kill at 80’s music and movie clips, would rather just skip the sports and we don’t know why they call it “General Knowledge” because we generally don’t have the knowledge to answer the questions.

Dollar beers and food we regret eating the very next day… Our bartender Sean loves to hate us, where as the night wears on the louder we get, and often a drink is spilled.

A farewell evening with our good friend Amy, just over 2 years ago, we found everywhere “dead” but this place. An evening that started at TGI Fridays, Moved on to Callaway’s, and was headed for some dive out in Waretown.

Amy was moving you see, headed for a new start in Northern PA. An easier and better life than Jersey had to offer. A simple life. I envy her for this. And this was how it came about to find this bar, and to return over and over and to find Tuesday Trivia Night, with Mike.

Near 30 years, Sarah and I have known each other. I think we were merely 12 or 13 years old at the time. And even after time separated us. Facebook brought us back together a few year back, and we are still like 2 peas in a pod, or maybe more like room mates in the nut house.

No subject matter goes untouched. No filters, and I always wonder (the next day) what the people sitting around us must think when they hear us.

Oh we are a sight I’m sure. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! And when your having that much fun everyone and everything else melts away.


So, here’s to our friendship. To the past we shared. To the future we’ll have. To the good times.

“May Smitty always get us a seat. May the beers always be a buck. May Sean always love us. May Mike always think “Not OJ” is funny. And may we always get home safe to laugh about it the next day.”



Book Me

To me there is nothing like a good book. A story that captivates you. One you become so engrossed in you cant put it down.

The kind where the story envelopes you and everything else around you is gone.

You are connected to its characters. Your emotions run wild.

What each of us enjoys reading is personal. What I enjoy you may not.

But we “Book People” share a common thread. That of the stories we love.

I cherish my books. Should I lose all my possessions, my small library is what I would morn the most.

I am also NOT a tablet reader, an e-reader, or anything that takes batteries kind of person.

I enjoy the turning of the pages, the sound it makes, the marking of pages, the smell of a book, and the feel of a book.

I most enjoy the sound a book makes as I finish and close it. You readers know that sound. I can hear it now. When all the many pages youve been holding back come running back together.

It marks the moment.

I also used to, as they have mostly gone, enjoyed wandering a small book store. The kind that you were greeted in upon entering, asked if you needed help finding anything and suggestions were made to you if you were not sure. The scent of the ink and paper filled the whole place. It was hushed and yet homey.

I find nothing now but Barnes and Noble left and though I still get joy from wandering through, its not the same as the small book stores that used to be all over.

Barnes and Noble is loud, crowed, and smells of burnt coffee.  You may even get knocked over by a child running unattended past you. This I do not enjoy.

The latest thing I’ve read (several times over the last few years) is why I come to write today. To share …

Alma Katsu’s The Taker Trilogy.



This story carries over 3 books, with 3 short stories found only in e-reader form, was/is an addiction for me.

I became absorbed in this story. I dreamt it. It filled my every thought.

I came across the 1st book  “The Taker”  by shear chance.

And I now proudly have all 3, as well as having gotten the 3 small e-stories.

(these 3 e-stories are on my to do list to transcribe for myself onto paper as I hate the form of tablet reading)


I could continue on and on and on. I could tell you all about these books, and the story. But I shall not.

I simple say, If you are looking for a summer read, if fiction stories carry you away, look into this trilogy.