I started to blog only just to get out of my head what’s in there.

Whether that be about work, or why I made something or to rant about what upsets me, or even to explain myself to everyone or no one. I very much enjoy it, the writing, the getting it out of my head.

But to put myself out there. Well, that I was unsure of.

I found that the 3 blogs I was most fearful of putting out there have had the best response.

It is reassuring to know that what I am afraid to say, only for fear of backlash, others seem to relate to.



Love Me Hate Me

People tell me I have an amazing gift of intuition.

The gift to be able to see right through people and know just who they really are.

Without even meeting someone ( sometimes ) I can call them out. I’ve done this time and again, and never thought much of it. I have yet to be wrong.

Just chalked it up to knowing people, knowing how to read them.

I believe this is why people mostly either love me or hate me.

No in-between, because you’ll love me if your not living a lie. If you have nothing to hide.

But you will mostly hate me if you’re hiding something. As I don’t fold into peoples bullshit, I cant play along. I call it like I see it. And these people call me an asshole, they hate for the lie to be exposed, and even though they themselves know its a lie they live it and no one wants the wind to knock down the house of cards they spent so much time building.

The script of their lies I have choose not to play apart of:

My Brother in-law likes to play: The perfect husband and father, but really hes just a lazy fuck, that has never parented a day in his life. If your kids play you and laugh at you and your wife wont sleep with you, come on?!

My brothers wife likes to play: The role of the fairy tale romance and marriage, but really she trapped my brother into marrying her, and they fight all the time. I mean I say they’ll end up divorced for a reason, several in fact! You cant move your husband in with your mother and think a marriage will work?!

My Mother likes to play: The role of the poor sad hard life, abused and unwanted, when really she is an abuser, liar and awful mother and wife. Far to lazy to make the change she cries to people she wants yet life has offered her 100 times over. You dug your own hole now work to get out of it or stay there and die!

They don’t know anything about me yet don’t like me because I choose to call them out.

Now don’t get me wrong I keep my mouth shut most of the time. Which I bet my closest friends don’t even realize since I am so open with my thoughts, but really I do try and censor myself. I don’t set out to hurt anyone, to be “mean”.

How do you sit around and watch this everyday, to play along? I cant do it. I just cant! Why is it so wrong to just own it. To just throw your hands up and admit it and move on. And why do so many others just sit back and play along with them.

The people who don’t like me, never say anything to my face. They just weakly “talk shit” behind my back, funny thing is I can read them, I can hear it without actually hearing it.

 I think this is because there’s nothing that can be said to hurt me. I am who I am,  I own it. I am perfectly imperfect. And I’m okay with that.

One of my favorite sayings is…


So here’s to the haters…

Keep on hating, I don’t care.


What in the World!?

Wow, just wow. Sometimes its all I can think and say, when the whole world seems to be against you.

This has been my week. Nothing, not a thing seems to be working out.

And today is no different…WordPress for hours did not work this morning and it had become my routine to wake up, get some coffee and blog. This was followed by Etsy making useless and unnecessary changes to their site. And lets not forget a billing mistake by my gas company, which they made than followed with a threating call to me to shut me off. And we can just top that off with another stormy day, trapped in the house with 2 kids who are bored and cant get along.

Now Id like to say Thank the Stars tomorrows Friday and this week can come to an end. But I wont bother as I can see the future already, as I watch my awful next door neighbors prepare for a party. After 3 years of this bs with them I know the signs, and I can see already I will be making several calls to the police for the noise (music, people, dogs, and the occasional drunk person hitting my mailbox with their car, yes no joke).

About the only thing Im looking forward to is a 4th of July BBQ by our good friends on Saturday afternoon, if the weather could just knock it off.

Other than that Bring on Monday! I just want to start a new week!