It’s Always Halloween

Another great blog from The Glitter Mirror helping me spread the word about my shop and its items

The Glitter Mirror

Hi all! Sorry for this late post! I’ve been so busy with work and other activities recently that I haven’t had much time for blogging….but I wanted to get back to my blog.

I’ve been singing songs from Tim Burton’s movie A Nightmare Before Christmas for the past few days now.
I love all things Tim Burton, and I love his classic 1993 flick about Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, who decides that he wants Santa’s job, and turns into a Halloween Style Santa Claus and manages to terrify people as he tries to spread some Christmas cheer.
I give Jack 100 bonus loyalty points for trying really hard.

Renee from Jersey Gypsy Etsy Shop knows about my love of Jack Skellington all too well and sent me some Jack Skellington wares from her shop for me to love forever!

The first thing is this charm bangle inspired by the…

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Another Favorite Project

Creating new saying for Charms today…Bangles!


Okay now I’m going to just gush about these…

Bangles. Sliding Adjustable Bangles. Stacking. Collecting Charm BANGLES!

Making these is my absolute favorite job. Picking the charms out that go together, that compliment each other. Designing some of the charms I have in my shop even. Shopping and creating as a job, nothing is better than that!

But, well, I have a problem. I keep a ton. I put together collections I like, phrases, and symbols, and well I cant resist keeping tons for myself.  Luckily, there’s a ton of other people who seem to like them as well since they fly out of my etsy shop.

This here is my collection (most of it).


And yes I wear them all at once sometimes.

This here’s a picture of me my when I adore them all.


 I love the jingle they make when they’re all on, and I have a lil thing for…

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Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas.

I love the decorations, the lights, the music.

I can be found listening and singing along to Time Life’s Treasury of Christmas, older classics. I hate the new mixes of these songs.

I love the warm glow of the tree lit in the corner of my living room. I love the bright glow of the 10 foot tall tree I put up in my entryway and how it reach’s the 2nd floor, and how as you go up the stairs they wrap around the tree. My house smells of apple cinnamon.

The light are hung up around the gutters around my porch, as a smiling snowman greets you, and the wreath I just made hangs happily on the front door.


I spent the weekend making soap sets as gifts as well!


Handmade cotton shower puffs and handmade and mold Peppermint goats milk candy cane topped soaps!

and as I wait for Christmas Eve and 24hrs of A Christmas story to begin, I have packed my etsy shop ,as full as I can and am getting ready for a giveaway on my Facebook page!


This giveaway will start tomorrow on my facebook page and run through Christmas Eve, in hopes of bringing a White Christmas!


For The Love Of Sugar Skulls: Some Halloween Style

A wonderful write up from a wonderful blogger, I’m so grateful to work with!

The Glitter Mirror

Halloween is almost upon us dear readers, and I figured that it is time to do a shop review with a Halloween twist to it!
If ya’ll remember, I’ve done a couple blog posts about the shop
Renee just added a bunch of fun necklaces to her shop for Halloween, and sent me a beautiful sugar skull necklace, and a
bonus sugar skull print wristlet to feature on my blog!
This was super exciting, because I LOVE sugar skulls!
I especially love doing sugar skull makeup around this time of the year…
For example….wpid-2015-10-17-03.35.59-1.jpg.jpeg
Just in case you guys didn’t know, sugar skulls play a very
important part in Mexican tradition.
Sugar Skulls, or Claveras are used to celebrate the Day of the Dead, also known as El Dia de Los Muertos (November 1st, which is also All Saints Day.)
People make sugar skulls to represent ancestors who have passed away, and…

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Having A Dream…

No new blog today, much to busy yesterday….so here’s to the dream (again).


I have never known who or what I wanted to be or to do with my life.

I pretty much let life rule over me, take me down whatever path she saw fit.

Well…That no longer works for me.

And I now have a dream. Ultimately to own my own store,  but currently to create a mobile store.



These large step vans converted into rolling boutiques are amazing. least I think so.

The idea that you can bring a real store to your customers, to have a dry, clean, even heated and/or cooled shop

standing out among the pop-up tents and tables at any festival, fair, or show makes me giddy!

Weather damage to my products a thing of the past, theft cut down, and set up and break down time nearly gone.

The Gypsy Wanderer in me see’s this as her future, her legacy, something to have and hold with…

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