About Me:

I have never been able to describe myself well. I guess this is because I am still learning who I am. So Ill start with what is most important to me, and that is my husband and 3 children. I am above all else a wife and mother. It is more than a role I play in life, to be these things is my life.

But who I am?

I am unlike anyone else. I am a Jersey Girl born and raised. I find peace among the trees. I feel renewed by the scents of the Pine Barrens. (roasting pine needles in the sun and cedar water in the air). I am driven by a creative force that some days is unbearably strong. I am an all or nothing person. A little bit crazy, and a tiny bit sane. I am damaged. And life is hardy ever easy. But even if I have to carry the pieces in a bag, I always find a way to pick them up and march along.

I have a Gypsy Soul and Hippie Heart.

About This Blog:

I am inspired by everyday life, by the things I see and I like. I am inspired by the people I am around and those I merely cross paths with for even a moment.

This blog is, and will be to share the paths that lead to the things I make, the story that lies beneath. To show its not just random.

To share my life from time to time. And to reach more people and make connections along the way.


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