What in the World!?

Wow, just wow. Sometimes its all I can think and say, when the whole world seems to be against you.

This has been my week. Nothing, not a thing seems to be working out.


And today is no different…WordPress for hours did not work this morning and it had become my routine to wake up, get some coffee and blog. This was followed by Etsy making useless and unnecessary changes to their site. And lets not forget a billing mistake by my gas company, which they made than followed with a threating call to me to shut me off. And we can just top that off with another stormy day, trapped in the house with 2 kids who are bored and cant get along.

Now Id like to say Thank the Stars tomorrows Friday and this week can come to an end. But I wont bother as I can see the future already, as I watch my awful next door neighbors prepare for a party. After 3 years of this bs with them I know the signs, and I can see already I will be making several calls to the police for the noise (music, people, dogs, and the occasional drunk person hitting my mailbox with their car, yes no joke).

About the only thing Im looking forward to is a 4th of July BBQ by our good friends on Saturday afternoon, if the weather could just knock it off.

Other than that Bring on Monday! I just want to start a new week!





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