And its only Wednesday

Its only Wednesday and this week has already hung me out to dry on a stormy day.

Let me begin with the beginning…

Sunday, Tank my beloved car of 14 years has come to break down. A first for her, only the 2nd car I’ve ever owned. My first car lost to a drugged out idiot running a stop sign and nearly killing me and my 2 children. Oh Tank, how I love this car. A 1997 Camry this has been a great car never needing anymore than basic maintenance in the last decade and a half.

She has failed inspection twice now, and has begun to hemorrhage everything. Just to be able to maybe pass inspection and stop the bleeding of fluids we are talking $800.00, but Tank needs a total overhaul nearing 7-8 grand.

What to do? Do you fix it? Is she worth it? I think so only because I’ve formed an attachment to her, as I do with most things, and I don’t like change at all, ever! To buy a new car or newer car will cost the same as it is to fix her but nearly 20 years old she is, well I just don’t know. This has me up nights.

Monday, I made no money in June not even half what I spent on supplies. Hubs is displeased by this, wants me to stop.

Making me talk of pulling out of my rental space. I am displeased. Though as of today I’ve decided no change will be made and June was just a hard month and he has no understanding of retail.

Tuesday, Mr. Crabs has passed. A hermit crab I bought for my middle son (at his request) for his birthday 3 years ago. This silly lil crab I’ve cared for and spoken to everyday for 3 years, I realize now I’ve come to love it, and am down about this. No pets I tell you loving and losing them is to hard! Even a silly Hermit Crab. The kids still have no idea hes gone, but like I said he was taken care of by me only, not even my husband has noticed or maybe he did and in the man way just said nothing. Kind of like when I dyed my hair purple.

Wednesday, Today…what shall you bring? What change shall you try to press on me? Why must it always be something?

For now I will try to remember…



2 thoughts on “And its only Wednesday

  1. I so understand! One month of no sales doesn’t mean your endeavors are useless – just that added information about your products needs to reach the public. Self-composed press releases are one way to do that. A short article in local papers’ art or small business sections with photos of your display space announcing your new business and product line being available at the location, hours of operation, availability of custom and gift products for weddings, etc is an effective tool. Any press the location generates should include a line or 2 about your offerings in order to support your participation in their success as well.
    As far as Tank is concerned – that’s a tough one. As emissions get stricter and efficiency tighter, even complete refits and restoration might not be enough – sadly. I am an advocate of installing rebuilt major components like engines and transmissions rather than going for new vehicles, but there does come a point when the only place I can find a part that needs replacing is a search nationwide at scrap yards and so either put up with things like no heat or a warning light constantly on or a missing vent window until something else pushes the need to find another set of wheels. Heck, I just ebay-ed a set of van windows for the 1969 van I had to give up 10 years ago – a fellow in Hawaii considers them the find of his year. It may be time to browse and see if there is a new (old) Tank waiting for you to adopt him/her.
    Sorry about the loss of Mr Crabs. I wonder if he is telling the other crabs in Crab Heaven how he has lived in Paradise for 3 years with a giant who brought him food? ❤

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