Simple Things

People often are surprised to find I prefer the simplest of things in life. They look upon my home, a newer build, large home, and the things its come to be filled with and assume that I want the finer things. But I prefer the simple things.

I prefer to walk over a drive.

I prefer the farmers market over the super market.

I prefer a plain wooden picnic table over a fine patio set.

I prefer thrift stores to the mall.

I prefer music and books over tv.

I prefer the lights off and the sun to shine in.

I prefer to hang laundry out to dry.

I prefer less over more. Less people, Less things.

I prefer to lead and not follow. To speak and not sit silent.

I prefer to make things and not buy them. To plant a seed and watch it grow.

And so on and so on for as long as I live….


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