Book Me

To me there is nothing like a good book. A story that captivates you. One you become so engrossed in you cant put it down.

The kind where the story envelopes you and everything else around you is gone.

You are connected to its characters. Your emotions run wild.

What each of us enjoys reading is personal. What I enjoy you may not.

But we “Book People” share a common thread. That of the stories we love.

I cherish my books. Should I lose all my possessions, my small library is what I would morn the most.

I am also NOT a tablet reader, an e-reader, or anything that takes batteries kind of person.

I enjoy the turning of the pages, the sound it makes, the marking of pages, the smell of a book, and the feel of a book.

I most enjoy the sound a book makes as I finish and close it. You readers know that sound. I can hear it now. When all the many pages youve been holding back come running back together.

It marks the moment.

I also used to, as they have mostly gone, enjoyed wandering a small book store. The kind that you were greeted in upon entering, asked if you needed help finding anything and suggestions were made to you if you were not sure. The scent of the ink and paper filled the whole place. It was hushed and yet homey.

I find nothing now but Barnes and Noble left and though I still get joy from wandering through, its not the same as the small book stores that used to be all over.

Barnes and Noble is loud, crowed, and smells of burnt coffee.  You may even get knocked over by a child running unattended past you. This I do not enjoy.

The latest thing I’ve read (several times over the last few years) is why I come to write today. To share …

Alma Katsu’s The Taker Trilogy.

This story carries over 3 books, with 3 short stories found only in e-reader form, was/is an addiction for me.

I became absorbed in this story. I dreamt it. It filled my every thought.

I came across the 1st book  “The Taker”  by shear chance.

And I now proudly have all 3, as well as having gotten the 3 small e-stories.

(these 3 e-stories are on my to do list to transcribe for myself onto paper as I hate the form of tablet reading)


I could continue on and on and on. I could tell you all about these books, and the story. But I shall not.

I simple say, If you are looking for a summer read, if fiction stories carry you away, look into this trilogy.


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