Life Is So Unfair

I know this. I don’t like it or agree with it, but I know it.

Life is unfair. It is unjust.

What I am singled out and punished for, hundreds of others get away with.

Right down to stupid simple things of no real matter.

Take for example:

 The problem I am having now with my Etsy store.

On June 18th 2015 I was “singled out” by Etsy and a listing of mine was deactivated. Etsy states it was in copyright violation.

Hey, fine by me it was a $12.00 bracelet. No huge loss really.


 I realized hundreds of other etsy shops are carrying close to the same thing, marketing it the same way, with those very same words Etsy states my listing was flagged for. I find this, well “Unfair”.

Why single me out, why deactivate my listing and not theirs???


Now here is the (deactivated) listing…

My Shop Link:

And when you click it you can see, my listing is gone yet 100’s of other are not.

I’m not looking to start a war or even a debate on the matter, as Im not going to put my whole shop at risk over 1 small listing.


I cant help but wonder what other people think of such a thing happening. And a friend said to me as well

“You purchased the Hello Kitty Charm from an Etsy shop, so doesn’t that mean you own the charm, to do with as you wish?”

We continued to discuss this. How far a reach it would have to shut down all “Hello Kitty” listings, and hey why stop there? What about Disney? Surely these people do not own the rights to market Disney items? And so on…

I have asked Etsy why but they have never responded. Etsy Customer Service for both buyers and sellers is awful to say the least as I have needed assistance on both ends and received nothing but a brush off.

But, oh things march on, and this is to say the least “not worth it?”



4 thoughts on “Life Is So Unfair

  1. That does seem very unfair.
    I would figure any “ownership rights” to the charm would be automatically turned over to you once you purchase the charm, but I’m not a business-person.
    Would you be able to find bulk charms in this style elsewhere instead of from an etsy shop?

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      • Yeah, that is really weird. All I can think is the other people got the charms in bulk from some crafting supply website…that’s the only thing I can think. But I’m so sorry this happened! It was an adorable bracelet.

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      • Thanks…Like I said they threated to shut down my whole shop its def not worth a fight but I did ask them “why me and not theres” there are several others nearly the same.” and is it my wording?’ since hello kitty is trade marked what if I just said white kitty or kitty?

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