To Wonderland And Back Again

An amazing write up I’m giddy with joy!
Thank you so much! Hoping to work more with you.

The Glitter Mirror

Today we are going to take a little trip to my favorite literary world ever.
Hands down.
No competition on this one.

We’re going to Wonderland!

I got four items in the mail last week from the shop JerseyGypsyEtsyShop, and all four items were Alice In Wonderland themed! (YAY!!!!!)

I am a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland.
I’ve read the book (actually I’ve read BOTH books…Alice In Wonderland and Alice Goes Through The Looking Glass To The Other Side), I have multiple shirts with Alice In Wonderland pictures on them, I’ve watched both Disney movies (I preferred the live action Tim Burton version), I had planned one of my birthday parties to be Alice In Wonderland themed (that didn’t work out, but it was a cool idea), I had an awesome Queen of Hearts Halloween costume one year….the list goes on and on…

These are some…

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